Want to talk to architects? Head for Twitter
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Want to talk to architects? Head for Twitter

I remember that the first PR agency boss I ever worked for said that architects were among the three most sold-to professions in the UK – have a guess who he reckoned the other two are…more on that later.

If your business relies on talking to architects then nowadays you have to talk to them where they are hanging out – and that’s Twitter.

Many construction products companies I talk to are sceptical. “Isn’t twitter just full of footballers and pop stars?” they say. But that’s simply not the case. It’s not all about David Beckham and Taylor Swift. Twitter is the place to engage with architects in a positive and proactive way.

Architects have always been a tricky group to target and nobody is arguing that the more established ways of interacting with them should be abandoned. But in the same way that the traditional paper catalogue has largely been superseded by digital versions and web sites, it’s vital to move with the times and interact on social media.

Nowadays architects are all over social media – like a rash. Predominantly Twitter but Instagram is also popular. Su Butcher, perhaps one of the leading experts on social media in the construction industry, often quotes research which says that 44% of architects are using Twitter for work. Not, as Su points out AT work to check the latest on the Kardashians’ love lives, but FOR work. (Incidentally, if you are on Twitter yourself, you could do worse than follow Su @SuButcher).

44% of architects are using Twitter for work. Not, AT work, but FOR work.

Think of it this way. Twitter is only a different platform for doing things that you are already doing in your business. It is brilliant for:

  • Building your brand and getting it in front of the right people (PR)
  • Searching for and engaging with potential customers (prospecting)
  • Engaging with existing contacts (customer service)
  • Driving traffic to your businesses and its web sites (marketing)

 So don’t dismiss Twitter if your business relies on talking to architects. It’s here to stay. Embrace it.

And for those of you interested in the other two highly marketed professions…my old boss said it was doctors and farmers but I’m not sure how much science there was behind that assertion!

To find out how you can get started on twitter and engage with architects and other key target markets, give me a call on 07932332331