I preferred season 1 of Lockdown
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I preferred season 1 of Lockdown

I preferred season 1 of Lockdown

I preferred season 1 of Lockdown. This season #3 is harder going. And longer. And darker. In season 1 we had no idea what twists and turns the plot was going to throw at us. It was new. Lockdown #2 was a bit like a spin off – not quite the original format but some similarities. Lockdown #3 is not the same. I hope it stops after this one.


So in the spirit of looking forward, moving onwards, I’ve made a list of things I am looking forward to in 2021. How many of them will happen is, in all honesty, anyone’s guess but we have to hope!

  1. Hugging: who even knew how important hugging was before this? I miss it a lot. My mom, my family, my friends, it’s remarkable how we have missed that human connection so much.
  2. Meetings and maybe even shaking hands. Don’t get me wrong, online meetings are great. They have served us well and will probably continue even after this pandemic is over. But how I miss a face-to-face meeting, shaking hands with clients, drinking a coffee together.
  3. ParkRun. 5km is just longer when you run it on your own
  4. No more Trump. I’m hoping that the other side of the pond will feel kinder, and calmer, and less polarised with Trump gone. I hope so anyway.
  5. Spring in my garden. The best bit of Lockdown #1 was the weather. It was glorious and warm and sunny and we lived in the garden. We grew things and genuinely felt lucky to have more time to do so. Looking out of a window at rain this time around definitely feels bleaker. I have my veg plants on order – when they arrive I will be able to look forward to green shoots physical and metaphorical.
  6. Live Gigs / festivals / theatre – music and comedy. Can you actually imagine being in a confined space with hundreds, maybe even thousands of strangers laughing and/or singling and dancing? No, neither can I but oh how I am looking forward to it. I may even get to see Mr B Ferry perform again this year.
  7. Getting the vaccine: seeing friends and family getting the vaccine has been so heartening. Hearing of the heroic efforts of the scientists and NHS worker to get that vaccine into our arms has truly been inspiring. My mom was like a bottle of pop when she got hers, so excited to think the end of this dark time might be in sight.
  8. Holidays. Just that. Going somewhere different. Please.
  9. Celebrating birthdays. We have a couple of landmark birthdays this year – an 18th and a 21st – which we can’t celebrate with those we love. I’m not going to lie, I cried quite a lot on my daughter’s 21st when she was 200 miles away. Let’s party like it’s 2021 when this all ends.
  10. Wearing proper shoes again. I love shoes, I mean I really proper love shoes. I have a lot. But I am so sick of trainers, slippers, flip flops. Bring on the heels, the strappy sandals, sparkle. I intend to totter everywhere in inappropriate footwear when we are all let out.
  11. Cinema: I have watched a lot of films since last March. But nothing beats the collective experience of watching a film, in the dark, with a bunch of strangers. And there’s popcorn.
  12. Eating out. No, not a picnic, or a take away. A proper restaurant, where someone else cooks and serves and makes something that I haven’t had to think of.
  13. Live sport. Because I am a true romantic, I took my boyfriend to the Molineux on Valentine’s Day 2020 to watch my beloved Wolves. I would give my right arm now to be there again, singing ‘Nuno had a dream’ with 30,000 fellow Wolves fans. That tribal feeling is like no other and I miss it. Watching it being played in a silent stadium on TV is no comparison. The Olympics, though I was never going to be there, were also sorely missed in 2020.
  14. Popping out. To the pub, or the shops, or gym, anywhere. No planning, no checking the rules, no “have you got a mask?”, just going out. Preferably in inappropriate shoes.

What are you looking forward to in 2021? What’s keeping you going through a very dreary January? The more flippant the better! Let me know, and send pictures of lovely shoes.

Helen Curry
t: 07932 332331
e: helencurry@foundationpr.co.uk