press relations
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press relations

It’s not rocket science is it? You want to get lots of positive coverage in your key target media for your products, services and brands. That’s what we deliver.
    • Organised: that sounds dull, but it’s vital. Ask us to do something and we do it, without being reminded and nagged. We operate tight, effective admin systems which won’t let you down.


    • Proactive: we chase you, not the other way round.


    • Creative: good ideas come as standard.


    • Right first time writing: why have a dog and bark yourself? Why employ an agency then have to rewrite all the copy yourself? Our releases, articles, and features only ever need a tweak – at most!


    • Audits and reports: you want to know what bang you’re getting for your buck. We don’t hide behind fluffy reports. As well as a healthy clippings book, we give you the facts, straight. So you know you are getting value for your PR budget.