Why social media is like broccoli
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Why social media is like broccoli

Why social media is like broccoli

It takes time to nurture and it might not grow first time.

Anyone who knows me well in real life will know I am not a gardener. Not with these nails! I mean, there’s worms and stuff right?

So it might surprise you to learn that I became a regular Monty Don during lockdown, growing cauliflowers, beans, strawberries, and carrots – amongst other things. I loved it. Got a bit obsessed. I still am to be honest. It doesn’t take much to get me chatting about my brassicas.

Which is why what happened that June morning is even more upsetting. Seeing some pesky caterpillars on my broccoli, I thought I’d give them a blast with some pesticide. Except I didn’t blast them with pesticide. I blasted them with weed killer. Killed the lot of them. Note to self: put your glasses on Helen when selecting sprays from the selection in the shed.  I was devastated. As I dug the dead plants up, I wondered why I’d bothered.

But instead of giving up, I scoured local nurseries for plants and replanted. The new plants seem even stronger. I’m confident that, with some TLC and no weed killer, I’ll be eating home-grown cauliflowers very soon. I am looking on the first batch as an experiment. A learning experience.

Social media content can be like that. Sometimes it doesn’t work. It just doesn’t hit the mark or chime with your followers. That’s quite dispiriting but look on it as a chance to learn. Tweak it, rewrite it. Try a different tack and work out what makes your engagement stats light up. It might take some different media, even a different colour scheme, an alteration in the tone or vocabulary. Keep assessing, keep reviewing, keep replanting and eventually your content will take root.

If you want some guidance on what, when, where and how to post on social media in a way that engages with your customers, drop me a line at helencurry@foundationpr.co.uk or call me on 07932 332331. We can talk cauliflowers.