social media
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social media

If you want to get noticed today you have to be on social media. Love it or loathe it, social media is here to stay and is being used daily by your customers, potential customers and competitors.

Think of it this way. Social media is only a different platform for doing things that you are already doing in your business. It is brilliant for:


    • Building your brand and getting it in front of the right people (PR)


    • Searching for and engaging with potential customers (prospecting)


    • Engaging with existing contacts (customer service)


    • Driving traffic to your businesses and its web sites (marketing)

And if organic social campaigns don’t float your boat, we offer a full package of social media advertising that will build brand awareness with your target market, drive traffic to your website, and generate subscriber list growth.


At Foundation we offer a full social media service including our popular social media “starter package”.


It is aimed at companies who realise that social media is a vital part of any marketing strategy but who aren’t really sure how to actually DO social media on a day-to-day basis. Especially when they hear that if you’re not tweeting at least five times a day, it’s not worth being on twitter!


The service aims to get a good strong social media campaign up and running, leaving behind the tools to carry on running it in-house.


This is how it works. We:


    • assess you social media requirements: platforms, messages, target markets etc


    • put together a simple, three-month plan covering all of the selected platforms


    • write three months worth of social media content for your approval


    • schedule all of the messages to appear automatically


    • give you guidance on how to supplement this baseline campaign with more ad hoc activity to boost your stats


    • we agree measurement criteria so you can see how your campaign is working


    • we agree a daily, weekly and monthly activity targets going forward


At the end of all that we leave you with a tool box of hints, tips and tricks for building your social media reach and getting your message through to the right people


It could give your social media profile a real fillip – for a very reasonable price!


Call Helen Curry on 01268 655511 for more details