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When I started Foundation 20 years ago, I was a (relatively) fresh-faced 30-something. I’d never heard of social media. Or Brexit. And my life ran on dial-up, whose chirpy tone was my daily ear worm. I named my company Foundation – building industry, solid, the basis for everything, geddit? – and had my corporate ID designed.

Unbeknownst to me, it looked just like the Facebook logo, before Facebook was even a twinkle in Mark Zuckerberg’s eye. In fact Facebook took an interest in me in around 2010 when its algorithms picked up my logo and they contacted me to ask me to stop using their logo. I responded asking them to stop using mine. But added that I would settle for a billion dollars. Strangely, I never heard from them again.

Now twenty years later I am the same. But different. As is Foundation. Still specialising in b2b PR for the building industry, but no more sticking photos onto press releases and posting them out. Still working with some of the biggest brands in the sector, but often using social media which has perhaps been the biggest revolution in my time in the PR business. 

Our 20th anniversary seemed to be the right time to look again at our corporate ID which has only been tweaked and updated in that time. Like a lot of marketing sector companies we’ve been guilty in the past of being so busy looking after our clients’ brands that we have neglected our own. 

Today we are launching the results. A fresher, fizzier new logo which forms the basis for our new ID. While still based on the F theme, it brings us forward in leaps and bounds and reflects the new invigoration and focus in the business this year.

We hope you like it. Look out for it being rolled out across all our platforms in the coming days and weeks.