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no-nonsense marketing for the building industry

Foundation is a small, well-established PR, social media, and digital marketing agency, specialising in b2b in the construction industry.

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If you want to get noticed today you have to be on social media. Love it or loathe it, social media is here to stay and is being used daily by your customers, potential customers and competitors.

It’s not rocket science is it? You want to get lots of positive coverage in your key target media for your products, services and brands. That’s what we deliver.

Email marketing is still a vital part of any digital marketing campaign. It offers improved communication with customers and prospects alike, builds brand awareness and drives traffic to websites.


Our Blog

  • It takes time to nurture and it might not grow first time. Anyone who knows me well in real life will know I am not a gardener. Not with these nails! I mean, there’s worms and stuff right? So it might surprise you to learn......

  • It seems like hardly a day goes by without a story about a UK retailer in trouble. High street staples like Debenhams and Laura Ashley look wobbly and face the possibility of following what are literally high street names like Mothercare, Pound Land and Maplins......

  • Unless you’ve had had your head buried in the sand in recent years, you can’t have failed to notice that plastic is the new bogeyman. And single-use plastic is the biggest monster of all. Thousands of tonnes are reaching the earth’s oceans. Even more going......

  • When I started Foundation 20 years ago, I was a (relatively) fresh-faced 30-something. I’d never heard of social media. Or Brexit. And my life ran on dial-up, whose chirpy tone was my daily ear worm. I named my company Foundation – building industry, solid, the......

  • I remember that the first PR agency boss I ever worked for said that architects were among the three most sold-to professions in the UK – have a guess who he reckoned the other two are…more on that later. If your business relies on talking......

  • There is much talk about how Brexit will affect the building and construction labour market this week. But less is being said about the potential shortage of building materials, an equally concerning prospect. Last week Teresa May pledged at the Tory Conference to make it......

  •   Now those of you that have met with me in the real world know that I like a joke. I like a chat. I’m interested in how your kids are doing. I love to see a picture of your dog. So that’s the preface,......

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Morning @LouiseMcKinlay Can you confirm whether the help for children in the school holidays in Essex is only for working families? As stated on the @Essex_CC web site?
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Genuine Emegency. No coffee! Thought I had another box but the cupboard was bare #sendcoffee https://t.co/VjKrx9ESNx HelenCurry1 photo
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Finally, the role of architectural ironmongery in stopping the spread of COVID-19 is recognised! Germans routinely air & ventilate their homes and have very varied window hardware to facilitate different kinds & levels of ventilation.

https://t.co/mbiK6OmiAk https://t.co/SJMBvJE9Bw
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