The Social Media Chores That Needn’t Be A Chore
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The Social Media Chores That Needn’t Be A Chore

The Good Housekeeping Institute has helpfully issued a schedule of the household tasks you should be doing daily, weekly, monthly and bi- and annually. You can find it here  if you’re interested in knowing how often you should be wiping your light bulbs. (Who even knew that wiping light bulbs was even a Thing!) With this blog post I’m aiming to do the same with your social media activity – but with less light bulb wiping.

You’re a busy person right? Plenty (and more!) to do every day. So, the last thing you need is to be spending your valuable time running a social media campaign! It’s a chore you could do without! But it needn’t be a chore if you get yourself a strategy and a daily / weekly / monthly plan to help you run an efficient campaign that gets results.

As with most time saving schemes, the key to achieving efficiency is planning. After all, as a very good friend of mine who runs an extensive sales team always says to me “PPP Helen! Piss poor planning leads to Piss Poor Performance! With careful planning, running an effective social media campaign shouldn’t take long – 15 minutes a day with other slightly more substantial chunks of time on a weekly and monthly basis to fine-tune strategy, generate content, and manage your accounts – providing there is a solid and workable social media strategy to underpin it.

This is a very basic check list I’ve developed for simple campaigns and for the sake of clarity I’m going to start by saying what I think you should be doing monthly – because that largely involves planning which is where it all starts.


  • Think about your objectives for the month: what is it you want to achieve, what’s going on in your business that’s going to impact what / how / when you do online.
  • Set your goals: one of the joys of social media is how easy and straightforward it can be to measure and audit the results of your efforts so set your goals and your measurement criteria now
  • New ideas – any creative schemes you’d like to try out this month?
  • Plan ahead. Now for me this includes planning, creating, and scheduling content. This takes time. And will obviously need to be supplemented as the month goes on. But the base lines can all be set in advance. Trust me, this will cut out 99% of the stress and worry as the month progresses: no more “what the hell shall I say today?” panics.



  • Check your performance – what’s worked, what hasn’t?
  • Engage with influencers: you have a list of all the people who you believe are influential in your sector right?
  • Engage with friends, colleagues and partners: they are the people who are most likely to boost your campaign too
  • Check in on groups, hang-outs etc – see what your sector and your customers are talking about
  • If you are running ads, update / tweak / refresh them



  • Check your notifications and reply to anyone who needs a reply
  • Monitor who has mentioned you and engage with them as necessary
  • Be nosy: have a look at what others are doing and saying on social media – competitors, partners, colleagues, friends, customers (Warning! Be disciplined as this is where time can slip away from you as you fall down social media wormholes!).
  • Schedule your content for the next day (the ones you haven’t already done in your monthly tasks)
  • Spot any good content that you can share
  • Build your connections / followers / likes etc . Remember that follow for follow is still a great way to create engagement and boost your reach
  • Scan social media for keywords and phrases that are relevant to your sector
  • Make a note of what your learned today to build it into next month’s campaign


Of course, the most time-effective way to run an effective social media campaign is to use a switched-on freelancer or agency who understands the industry to do the grunt work for you. Then again I would say that wouldn’t I?