Plumbers love social media

Plumbers seem to be chef among the trades I see on social media, with locksmiths a close second (though that’s based entirely anecdotally on the evidence of my admittedly biased Twitter timeline. I do love a good lock!)

The figures speak for themselves, as this infographic shows:


So, there’s no denying, plumbers are all over social media and using it using it (Twitter in particular) for more than football chat. They are using it to learn about new products, make connections in the trade, and improve their skills.

Here’s two examples I found just today of plumbers using Twitter to network in the trade (giving the lie to the myth that social media is making business less personal)…

Why Plumbers love Social Media

… and to improve and show off their burgeoning skills:

Why Plumbers love Social Media2

If you make, sell, or distribute plumbing products, can you afford not to be talking to the nearly 30,000 plumbers on twitter? Or connecting with the 1.9m UK Facebook users who list plumbing as an interest?

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