Maybe I’m having a grumpy day. But these LinkedIn annoyances give me the rage

Yes it’s autumn. Yes the nights are drawing in. And I’m on a diet. And doing Septemperence. So there’s a teeny tiny chance I could be being a tad touchy today. But here’s 10 things that get on my last nerve on LinkedIn and put me off connecting or doing business with someone:

  1. Hashtags. This isn’t Twitter. In fact, just don’t share every Twitter update on LinkedIn. Different platforms, different audiences, different messages. I know LinkedIn are keen to get us hashtagging. But I am resisting.
  2. I don’t want to help you choose your profile picture – especially when it’s just an excuse to get compliments or show off your cleavage.
  3. I don’t want to hear your political views on LinkedIn. Chances are I don’t want to hear them at all. Ever.
  4. I don’t want God’s blessings or your religious views on LinkedIn either.
  5. It’s. Its. There. Their. They’re. Accept. Except. Passed. Past. Get your grammar right. And your spelling while you’re at it!
  6. Wacky job titles. You’re not a ‘Thought leader’ or a ‘Brand Evangelist’ or a ‘Marketing Rock Star’. You’re a consultant, brand manager or marketing manager. Don’t even start me on the gurus, ninjas and trailblazers. Apart from being totally eye roll-worthy, they will make you hard to find in LinkedIn searches. Unless someone is specifically looking for a Change Magician.
  7. ‘Inspirational’ quotes and memes. This isn’t facebook! Find out why I loathe these in particular
  8. Too much, too often. Once a day is pushing it. More than one update a day has me reaching for the “remove Connection” button.
  9. Stop being proud. I don’t mean you shouldn’t be proud of your successes. Far from it. Pride is great. But starting every update with “Proud to be associated…” or “proud to be specified…” starts to grate.
  10. Changed your profile picture? Added a first aid certificate you gained in 1987? Updating your A-Level grades? Lovely! I don’t need to know about every change you make to your profile. I’m happy to hear about big changes like a new job, but I don’t need to know when you correct a typo in your Summary.

So please, for the love of Pete, change your settings so I don’t see it. Here’s how: Privacy and settings –> Privacy –> Sharing Profile Edits –> Toggle the button to “no”.

Oh that feels better. Sometimes it’s good to get things off your chest isn’t it? Now, don’t say I didn’t tell you!


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